Featured Art: Passage to the Past

Watercolor, 24×18

Geri M. Davis, Columbus Branch, Georgia

Geri Davis’ life is dedicated to creating, promoting, teaching, and counseling with art.

She has taught art for over 40 years. Many of her students have incorporated her philosophy of art into their personal lives: “Know your subject well, plan your journey, then enjoy the trip.” 

At age 52, Davis returned to college and got a master’s degree in counseling and human development. Her specialty is using art in a therapeutic manner.

Davis has served as NLAPW Georgia state president and vice president, branch president and vice president, and programs chair. 


  1. Sara Etgen-Baker says:

    for some reason I am so drawn to this painting. I’m drawn to the interiors of the past represented here. The painting inspires me to open the door to my own past. I’m sure the colors, numbers, and other images are indicative of your own past–perhaps some secret passages. Anyway, thanks for sharing your creative spirit.

  2. Nancy Nesvik says:

    Very intriguing subject and well expressed. It invites me into the scene with great curiosity of what lays above the stairs.

  3. I love this piece. Like others who’ve already commented, it reminds me of places I’ve visited–and nostalgia tugs at my heart. I love the bright colors and the atmosphere of intrigue. As I peek through that open door into the passage I can almost feel those cold stones on my bare feet as I slip into the shadows and up the stairs! Thanks for sharing. Your work inspires me too!

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