Featured Poem: A Decision

Elizabeth Diane Martin
Pikes Peak Branch, Colorado

In turmoil and distrust
In the midst of fear and confusion
A decision to love
Changed a wandering
Wondering heart
Into one that found
Its roots
And began to grow.


It is the flow of love
That causes
New branches
To push out from
Its wizened trunk.


Solid and unmoved
Supporting and
Its eventual fruit.


What a long, long
It seems
But, Oh!
The satisfaction
Of reaching
The destination!


Then its
Fallen seed
Sinks below,


And, if
Good ground
Surrounds it,
A new life begins
Its own journey.


Not knowing
But steadily returning to
Its programmed desire
For the fruit,
So beyond
The thought
Of its daily work.


Dear Reader,
Decide also
To love.



  1. Great poem, Elizabeth. Thought-provoking and transcendent in theme. I loved the imagery you used of the branches growing and maturing, making the life-giving journey, and that proverbial longing we all seem to possess, to bear fruit that lasts beyond the moment–even beyond our thoughts about its ongoing life and work. Beautiful.
    I was also challenged by your beginning and ending words on love,’a decision to love changed a wandering heart,’ and the plea– ‘Dear Reader decide also, to love’–a good place to end, and to leave us to ponder– a call to action–I sensed a silent urgency. . .’decide!’ Thank you for sharing it with us.

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