Featured Art: The Watchkeepers


The Watchkeepers photo
“The Watchkeepers,” photograph by Jane E. Allen, Huntstville Branch (Alabama)

One day, Jane and her husband traveled down a dusty country road in Weumpka, Alabama. As they neared Lake Martin, they discovered an isolated burial site near a church. 
The inscription and poignant epitaph engraved on the granite included the words “A Child of Innocence.” The words “Our Angel” were tucked inside a heart in one corner of the stone. Praying hands and a kneeling angel were in other corners. 
A ceramic Dalmatian, bear, deer, a stonewashed cherub, and a wrought-iron nymph were scatted about the surface of the grave, as if keeping watch over the site. Allen, captivated, photographed the unusual array of compelling objects.
Allen became a letters member in 1984 after winning writing contests sponsored by the Montgomery Branch. She added the art qualification to her membership after several of her photos won awards and were published.
“After retiring in 1994, I finally had the time to enjoy the outside world and its fascinating subjects, she says. “Sometimes, I write a poem and snap a photo; at other times, I capture a subject with my camera and then write the poem.”


  1. Lori Tatom says:

    Fascinating photograph!! Although not posted, I love the story behind it related to the tragic death of a young mother and her wish to be buried near Lake Martin. I have great memories of Lake Martin from childhood. Glad you captured this photo of it.

  2. Monita says:

    this is awesome! Thanks for sharing Jane Allen! its wonderful to connect with you at the Huntsville Pen Women meetings. Keep up the good work!

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