Featured Art: Billowing In

Doris Mady, Greenwich Branch, Connecticut
“Billowing In,” 20×10 oil

Doris Mady considers herself a plein air painter. When asked, “Why plein air?” she answered, “because I feel alive when I’m outside and the world has so many messages to give us.”
A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Mady also studied at the School of Visual Arts, Westchester Community and Skidmore Colleges. Following a long, successful advertising career as creative director and graphic designer in some of advertising’s Top Twenty advertising agencies, she decided to pursue her first love: oil painting.


  1. Deborah Weir says:

    Doris is a wonderful person as well as an excellent painter! Deborah Weir, Greenwich Branch

  2. Sara Etgen-Baker says:

    I could almost feel the spray from the ocean’s waves. Thank you for sharing your creative spirit!

  3. Barb Whitmarsh NLAPW says:

    This “shore” makes me miss the ocean.
    I grew up not far from Jones Beach, L.I. NY
    My Dad was an artist too; a Cooper Union grad.
    He would have admired this greatly.
    Thank you for “shoring”


    Beautiful work, Doris! It keeps you looking which is always a great sign of a creative and soulful piece!!

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