Featured Poem: Lilacs in My Heart

Mary Patricia Canes
Alexandria Branch

Lilacs bloomed full purple
near Grandma’s open window
in her farmhouse kitchen
where she made strong tea
and apple pie.
Her lilting voice, singing, praying,
told of times gone by.


One lilac blooming day,
paved way for Grandma’s last.


Now lilacs by my window
so many later years
wait to grow and bloom.
Their greening leaves I see.
Memories loom —
of lilacs, love and tea — 
of Grandma.



  1. Janet Clare Fagal says:

    I like to write about my grandmother and relatives. This one hits home. They had hydrangeas and I can’t see the bigger bushes (she called them snowballs) without thinking of her and my beloved grandfather. I love your poem. Mary Patricia. I bet she would, too.
    Janet Fagal

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